Marble Hiking Tour




Departures: From THUR to SUN 10 am and 4 pm

Meeting Point: Trame di Lunigiana office, Fortezza Firmafede, Sarzana

Pick places: Campocecina – Monte Borla – Monte Sagro – Rifugio Carrara – Cave di Campocecina (optional)

The tour includes: Professional and Licenced Guide – in & Out Sarzana Transfers – Lardo di Colonnata and other typical porduces tasting.

Estimated duration: 4 hrs

Estimated length: 5 km (3 mls)

Difficulty: EASY


All over the world Carrara rhymes with marble, the world’s most valuable, refined and well-known white marble, extracted and sold all over the world since the Romans-time. Marble rhymes with quarry, and quarry means work, the unstoppable work of thousands of men who have shaped – and still are shaping today – the Apuane Alps’ landscape.

With our ‘marble hiking tour’ we dive into a portion of that mesmerizing world: the itinerary starts from the Rifugio Carrara – a characteristic mountain lodge run by the fascinating and grouch wolfman Gianni – surrounded by beech trees and situated not far from the Campocecina meadows, a large clearing where the view finally opens onto the spectacular, majestic and at the same time tragic sight of the Mount Sagro‘s marble quarries.

It is an open air museum not to be missed, in which nature and human-work clash at 1700 meters o.s.l.; and behind all of that more mountains, the Apennines, the Maritime Alps far away, and looking south: the coastal line, the Mediterranean Sea, the Corsica, the Tuscan Archipel… Come and be captivated by this unique landscape!


Can kids join the tour? 

The marble hiking tour is suitable for children. The itinerary is not strenuous but due to uneven surfaces, kids must be at least 5 years old as long as they can walk indipendently.

What is your insurance policy?

A personal accident insurance is included in the price of the tour.

What shall I wear?

A sporty and comfortable outfit is highly recommended. Hiking boots provide support and comfort for your feet and ankles on uneven terrain. Any recommendation? Yes, bring some water, sunscreen and sunglasses.

What is planned in case of bad weather?

The tour runs rain or shine. In case of major bad storms, you will be refunded the price of the tour, or you will be given the chance to postpone your vespa ride: same trip, different day, no extra money charged.

I read that we can get 10% off for 2 bookings…

Yes, good news! we do have a promotion of 10% off our regular rates when you purchase two tours or more.

This tour is NOT recommended for those with walking disabilities or using a wheelchair.