Horse Ride



First departure:
10 am

Second departure:
4 pm

Meeting Point:
Sarzana – Trame di Lunigiana’s Office – Fortezza Firmafede.

Pick places:
Fosdinovo and the surrounding area – Fosdinovo Castle – The local segment of the Via Francigena

The tour includes:
Horseback Riding Tour where the Via Francigena first set eyes onto the Mediterranean Sea – Helmet – Entrance on horseback into the Fosdinovo Castle – A guided tour of the Castle – Toast on the highwalls – Lunch or dinner in typical local inn – In & Out Sarzana Transfers

Estimated time:
4 hrs

Estimated length:
10 km (6,2 mls)



Imagine a place suspended in time, where silence enhances the landscape, where for centuries the roads have been the trail of pilgrims and merchants: this is Lunigiana, this is the Via Francigena.

Live it with us, experience it at the pace of a horse-ride getting in touch with its luxuriant nature, discover its castles, its medioeval villages, enter horseback inside the Fosdinovo Castle as only knights and noblesman once used to do, ride with us along the red line of history of this land from the Middle-Age untile the Twentieth Century.


Do I need to have prior riding experience to join the tour?

We welcome all riders, from complete beginners to experienced riders. You are not required to have prior riding or horse experience. We have horses for all different skill levels and your safety is our number one concern.

Can kids join the tour? 

If it is the first ride ever, kids must be at least 13 years old. No probs if kids have had prior riding experiences and if they are accompanied by parents or responsible guardians.

Are helmets provided? 

Absolutely yes, our prior concern is your safety!

What is your insurance policy?

A personal accident insurance is included in the price of the tour.

What is planned in case of bad weather?

The tour runs rain or shine. In case of major bad storms, you will be refunded the price of the tour, or you will be given the chance to postpone your vespa ride: same trip, different day, no extra money charged.