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The winery is an 18th century farmhouse, overlooking the ancient via Aurelia close to the archaeological site of the ancient Luni. It is the true hearth of the winery, a place for research, development and welcome; here art food and wine live together and have a voice.

The owner, founder and soul of the brand, continues his family’s work, always committed to agriculture, focusing his attention on wine-growing.

The idea of the founder is to preserve the quality obtained in the vineyards throughout the whole wine making process in the cellar thanks to an attentive work in accordance with every single phase. He follows a path made not just by production but also research and study, he’s supported by his brother Lucio and a group of 3 young enologists, an agronomist and a wine master.

The winery has been created respecting local roots and traditions; inside the totally renovated buildings you will find: the wine shop, the wine tasting room, the liquor laboratory and the Museum of Wine Material Culture surrounded by the green of the herbs garden an the vineyard.


Located in the great rooms of the largest building, originally used as a cellar, the wine shop of the brand is the place where the philosophy and work of farm are entirely represented through its produce.

This is the place where the special characteristics of each wine, everyone an expression of its terroir of origin, are enhanced and traced back to the shared work that created them, the fruit of the commitment by the wife of the owner and the technical staff of the cellar.


Essentiae Laboratory is the place where liquors and jams are handmade by following ancient traditional Lunigiana recipes. Every single phase of the production is manually accomplished, starting from the preparation of the infusions till the bottles labelling.

First rate fruits are chosen by following seasons and processed through the ancient method of cold infusion.

Essentiae has a new and prestigeous base with the winery: a new workshop for the preparation of liqueurs and a packaging area. Through a large window overlooking the farmyard, the ancient methods of product can be seen and discovered.


The Museum, dedicated to material culture of wine, is housed in the rooms of the ancient manor house. It began with the personal collection by the owner of the farm of ancient objects and findings during more than 30 years of research, classification and cataloguing under the guidance of experts and historians. It is made up of five rooms where five specific scenes are reproduced depicting the occasions, places and people that are so typical of this world: the land, the harvest, the craftsmanship, the cellar, the wine.



The long established activities of the winery express its vocation for discovering and increasing awareness of wine: in particular, the Brand’s work in oenological research and production and in combining wines with the typical traditional gastronomic flavours of Lunigiana.

Tours-tastings: designed to welcome and inspire those new to the world of wine and those who have already built up their own store of knowledge.

Through the guided tasting of some of the renowned labels of Brand’s production, our wine expert and our sommelier will reveal the features and the hidden story behind each wine, taking you a brief oenological journey through the hills of Luni.

The wines and Essentiae Liqueurs can be tasted in combination with local gastronomic specialities such as the traditional focaccia, traditional cold meats and cheeses, extra virgin olive oil and quiches. We will guide you along a sensorial trip that will lead you to the discovery of the tastes and aromas of our land.




You can make a reservation at short notice to visit the winery. We’ll welcome you in the big farmyard of the ancient eighteenth century building to bring you into the history, the traditions and our activities.

We’ll guide you to visit the museum which is set up inside the ancient manor house and dedicated to the material culture of wine; you’ll discover the traditions of oenological culture in Lunigiana throughout old agricultural tools and contemporary art installations.

The soul of Essentiae

Winery laboratory, Ms. Fiorella, will show you processing techniques for making jams and reveal the secrets and the history of traditional Ligurian liquors.

You’ll continue the visit through the herbs garden to find a wide typical herbs collection. In this garden you’ll find a little lake born from a natural spring.

Your visit to the winery  will end with a guided wine tasting throughout different itineraries, both to welcome and initiate people into wines world and people whom have already their own enological culture. You’ll enjoy our wines and our wine pairing with some typical products of this side of Liguria.


Le Origini

Tasting of three wines accompanied by focaccia, artisan bread with homemade oil.

Wine selection:

  • “LEUKOTEA” Liguria di Levante I.G.T. Bianco
  • “ETICHETTA GRIGIA” Vermentino Colli di Luni D.O.C.
  • “CIRCUS ” Liguria di Levante I.G.T. Rosso

Tasting fee:                      € 15.00 (VAT included)?


La Merenda Contadina

Tasting of three wines accompanied by focaccia, artisan bread with homemade oil, selection of meats and cheeses of local cuisine accompanied from jams Laboratory Essentiae .

Wine selection: 

  • “ETICHETTA GRIGIA” Vermentino Colli di Luni D.O.C.
  • “FIOR DI LUNA” Colli di Luni Bianco D.O.C.
  • “AUXO” Colli di Luni Rosso D.O.C. 

Tasting fee:                      € 22.00 (VAT included)?


Sapori e Saperi

Tasting of three wines accompanied by focaccia, artisan bread with homemade oil, fantasies of bruschetta with seasonal flavors, selection of meats and cheeses of local cuisine accompanied by jams Laboratory Essentiae.

Wine selection: 

  • “FIOR DI LUNA” Colli di Luni Bianco D.O.C.
  • “ETICHETTA NERA” Vermentino Colli di Luni D.O.C.
  • “NICCOLÓ V” Colli di Luni Rosso D.O.C.

Tasting fee:                      € 28.00 (VAT included)


La Tavola del Fattore

  • Only for groups from 20 people *

Tasting of four wines and liquor WINERY ESSENTIAE and accompanied by products and local dishes.

Wine selection: 

  • “LABEL GREY” Vermentino Colli di Luni D.O.C.
  • “Albarola” Colli di Luni Bianco D.O.C.
  • “CIRCUS” Riviera di Levante I.G.T. Red
  • “Niccolò V” Colli di Luni red D.O.C.

The liquor: 

Orange liqueur Essentiae

The kitchen: 

Artisan bread with homemade oil
Selection of vegetables of lunigiana cakes
Large platter of salami with focaccia and artisan breads
Selection of cheeses in combination with jams of our production
“Typical sweet of Castelnuovo Magra”

Tasting fee:                      € 38.00 (VAT included)?


We will be delighted to accompany you on a visit to the winery, welcoming you in the large central farmyard where you will be introduced to the history and activities of the place. We will guide you on a richly evocative route through ancient buildings and the areas outside the ancient hamlet.

A journey through the rooms of the museum, the workshops of the Essentiae distillery the ancient vegetable garden, the pond surrounded by a variety of plants, the gardens and the “horae” Vineyard. The visit will end with one of the guided tastings that you can choose from the variety that we have created specially for you.


The guided visits are conducted on all days however, in order to arrange the tour and tastings with a certain advance we recommend to book with us during the booking of your Villa.

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Wine Tour Tasting

Designed to welcome and inspire those new to the world of wine and those who have already built up their own store of knowledge.

Great wine tastings at Ligurian wineries don’t happen in 5 minutes at a wine bar in a big tasting room, but are more like an immersion into a culture. Tasting the wine is complementary to hearing the histories of their roots & meeting memorizing personalities – special encounters and memories that will linger forever!

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