Our agency is based in the small historic town of Sarzana, set in a privileged “crossroads” position between the Ligurian sea and northen Tuscany`s Apuan Alps mountain range. We are therefore ideally placed to bring you the very best of both these worlds, in terms of knowledge and expertise.


What Makes Us Different?


  1.  Welcoming

If the owner can not take care of receptions because he/she lives abroad or because on vacation our agency will think to all : Booking, Welcoming, Laundry, Cleaning, Gardening and so on.

  1.  Management

If you are familiar with the inquiries of the customers you certainly know that the speed of response is essential to get a booking confirmation. One of the most hard works of a property owner is just to respond quickly to many multilingual emails from potential guests. Again SCV relieves you from this real paperwork answering within a few minutes and increasing the chances of success.

  1.  We offer a limited number of properties.

Most travel sites overwhelm consumers with information, and provide a wide range of travel products to a large number of destinations. Consumers are often frustrated by the volume of information and have a difficult time finding the best values. Our research shows that most consumers want to be shown a smaller selection of great properties in their desired location.

  1.  We focus on a limited number of markets.

Sea & Country Villas focuses on a limited number of major destinations and selectively picks properties in each market that it can sell in volume.

  1.  Vacation rentals and the family market.

We market heavily to leisure travelers, especially the family market, looking for vacation rentals. These travelers stay longer, need suites, kitchen facilities and multi-bedroom units, and spend more on food and other items at the properties.

  1.  We know how to sell your property.

We have been in travel for many years and have seen the up and down cycles in the market. We know how to sell and reach customers who want to travel.

Not enough ?  Want more ?


Property Owners Service

Guests Service

  • Home Staging (Interior Design, Furnitures)
  • Private Driver
  • Gardening
  • Private Chef
  • Cleaning
  • Guided Tours
  • Laundry
  • Yachting Cruises
  • Professional Photographs
  • Horse Riding
  • Web sites